Why Girls 7 ~ 14 Need IGP?

The transition from childhood to adolescence occurs during these years. This is often the time when girls start to lose the Island Girl Power they had in childhood. During this transitional time girls begin to respond differently to what others say. For example

Girls who performed well in the classroom at ages 7, 8 or 9 often perform less well in school at age 14.

Girls in their early teens are often encouraged to place more emphasis on their personalities, social skills, looks and abilities to please others rather than develop their own interests and aspirations.

Some girls who earlier experienced adult and peer approval for demonstrating athletic abilities before puberty are often discouraged from participating in many sports once their bodies show signs of maturing.

This is often the first time that girls are exposed to drug use and other risky behavior.

We are bombarded with negative media influences. There are too many tobacco, alcohol and inappropriate female images in the media. We hope to bring awareness and protect our children’s futures.

Due to our local statistics of teen pregnancy and sexual assault, programs like IGP are needed to empower and educate young girls.