IGP receives tremendous support from the Community, private business, individuals, parents, government agencies, and the media. We are truly grateful for that: THANK YOU! At the same time, IGP is always in the search of more support and assistance from volunteers. Because funding is scarce, we are only able to offer a fraction of the programs and activities we really want to implement. Hopefully, with more monetary and work assistance from supporters and volunteers, IGP will be able to expand our program and develop into a partnership with the schools to provide after-school activities for all students with Prevention Classes and Positive Alternatives.

If you would like to be a Supporter, either as a Volunteer, Sponsor, or Donor, please  contact us .

Want to Volunteer? Fill out a Volunteer Information Form

(click this link, print out, fill out, and drop off or fax to us)

  • Corporate Sponsors for ongoing contributions
  • Back To School Carnival Bash Event Sponsors providing Prizes and Support

Want to Support IGP by Mailing a Check? Click here for info

What can you do?

Be a Volunteer Coordinator.

Instruct a class of your design.

Help us supervise a couple hours a month, be a positive male or female role model.

Donate supplies, snacks or services to our organization.

Sponsor our organization with your financial support.

Be a Career Guest Speaker.

Help girls to perform their best in school.

Be a mentor or tutor.

Join our IGP Advisory Board.

Assist with fund raising.

Help spread the word!


Volunteers are generally individuals 15 to adult. Volunteer Form must be completed and Police Clearance is required for Long-Term Instructors. Coordinators must come with personal references or undergo a supervised probation period.

WHO CAN BECOME A SUPPORTER? Supporters can be individuals that want to donate, or volunteer or Companies that wish to sponsor our program.

WHAT REQUIREMENTS MUST BE MET TO BECOME A SUPPORTER? Corporate Sponsors must be Non-Alcohol or Non-Tobacco Distributing Companies, we are also seeking sponsors that do not wish to compromise our mission to provide Positive Activities and Positive Role Models for our young girls.

Special Thanks to Docomo Pacific LTD, Cybertech, Guam Webz, International Distributers ​​and United Airlines